Described as a captivating performer, with a modern yet timeless quality, Simone lives her serenades  --  exuding a rare blend of soulfulness and subtlelty -- a natural story-teller who captures the essence of jazz classics, & artfully lures audiences into her own stories.

"As a consummate performer and very savvy musician, her vocal renderings treat her audience to a very special aural connection. Each individual listener really gets to connect on their own level; Simone allows for a very intimate exchange of performer/audience energy."

Arnold Faber (Musician/Clinician/Educator/Composer)

Simone's partnership with long-time Guitarist/Co-Writer/Musical Director Mike Freedman has led to an all-original album "Settling Up", slated for release in November 2018.  "Settling Up" is rooted in jazz in harmony & arrangement while weaving in diverse tastes stemming from broad musical experiences.  Delving into her own life, the lyrics are stories meant to connect with audiences in a personal way, presented as an intimate conversation revealing the soulfulness in life and love.

Past performances have included the artistry of Chris Adriaanse (Bass), Mike Pelletier (Bass), Max Senitt (Percussion), Connor Maslen-Walsh (Bass), Joel Haynes (Drums), Stephen Harmelink (piano), Terrol Sinclair (piano).

Simone's debut album "Settling Up" is out November 2018!  

ALBUM RELEASE SHOW:  Thursday, November 8th at THE JAZZ BISTRO (251 Victoria St, Toronto).  Limited seating...please call 416-363-5299 to reserve.

For bookings or inquiries, email