Not content to be limited by labels, this Jazz Singer/Songwriter's repertoire and writing blur musical boundaries that cover a diverse set of influences and experiences.  With a unique blend of soulfulness and subtlety, her performances include a growing number of original jazz compositions heard alongside some of the classics of the genre.  

Simone shares the stage with Guitarist/Co-Writer/Musical Director Mike Freedman. Performances have included the artistry of Mike Pelletier (Bass), and guests Max Senitt (Percussion), Chris Adriaanse (Bass), Connor Maslen-Walsh (Bass), Joel Haynes (Drums), Stephen Harmelink (piano), Terrol Sinclair (piano).

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"As a consummate performer and very savvy musician, her vocal renderings treat her audience to a very special aural connection. Each individual listener really gets to connect on their own level; Simone allows for a very intimate exchange of performer/audience energy."

Arnold Faber (Musician/Clinician/Educator/Composer)

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