I enjoy reflecting on my shows. No two are the same. I feed off the energy of the audience and the atmosphere around me. and I carry the good vibes into the next show. The vibe at WINTERFOLK is amazing. The loyal following of this festival LOVE the music, and all the amazing team of organizers and volunteers make it a fabulous experience for everyone.

Highlights of Winterfolk Weekend:

1) The Launch Party set:  a well-attended meet and greet event for all festival artists, organizers, volunteers. It was an honour to have been asked to perform for the group to kick off Winterfolk XVII, and getting to hear the other wonderful artists performing that evening was awesome:  Maggie & Mr. Rogers, and the Jerome Tucker Band! Great energy all around.

2) Friday night at Mambo Lounge:  a sweet couple called us "bar angels" on the way out...and sold a few CD's.

3) Saturday night with the unforgettable ORI DAGAN - "Vocal Jazzercise" workshop at Dora Keogh.  I haven't had that much fun since my days in the York University Jazz Choir!  

Can't wait for next year!